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uk.tamilmicset.com is the leading tamil news website in the United Kingdom and other region with more than 75% market share of online tamil news readers.

United Kingdom tamil Community one of major community in United Kingdom with more than 350,000 tamil speaking residents in United Kingdom, Tamil is the most spoken language among the Indian community.

80% of our traffic comes from United Kingdom and 20% from NRIs dominated by USA, Middle-East, Australia, Canada, European Union and India.

Advertising, Sponsorship & Promotions

Tamil Micset United Kingdom offer a full range of media packages that help businesses across the world reach Indian community consumers. We employ reliable industry professionals to deliver the standards, service and results you expect.

We can run a co-branded campaign for you, if you don’t have a creative agency, our high skilled professional peoples can work with you to produce adverts in media house. Just share your ideas and let us help you bring them too.

We Offer

Advertising Campaigns carefully planned and targeted to build awareness across our online services.

The ads are placed in the various pages of uk.tamilmicset.com.

  • Online Advertisement Banner
  • Affiliated Partnership
  • Sponsored Post
  • Promote Events


To support product and event launches.

For online advertisement requirements, please do email to info@tamilmicset.com